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    We develop management activities to implant ventures in their different stages of development, from the project planning stage right up to full installation and the start of operations. Clients who buy these services are; those who want a specialised company’s support in implanting new works; those who are aware that they do not have a capable enough team; or, those who do not want to form a team for this critical implantation period. Management includes supporting the client in the following:

    • » Licensing for the venture;
    • » Hiring and supervising project services and building works;
    • » Specifying and acquiring equipments; and
    • » • Recruiting and training operational teams.

    Strategic Vision

    Both government and private initiative have increasingly hired management services. This is acknowledgement of the strategic importance of efficiently implanting ventures while focusing on costs, deadlines, quality, safety and environmental preservation. Additionally, banks financing initiates have begun to include hiring management services as a requirement in order to lessen the risk of failure in implementing projects. As such, there are a growing number of opportunities in this field and we at Projetec intend to take advantage of the experience we have acquired in order to provide services of the highest quality, thus establishing Projetec as a specialised company in the sector.


    Track Record

    We are currently providing the licensing management, project development, building work, and equipment acquisition services in the construction of three hospitals in the Greater Metropolitan area of Recife. The opening of these three hospitals is a campaign promise made by the sitting Governor of Pernambuco. The experience gained in working on this complex project provides us with the opportunity to build on our experience in this area. Furthermore, we are participating in supporting management in projects relating to the Transnordestino railway – another unique initiative currently underway in the Brazilian Northeast. In this work we manage projects undertaken by three other consulting companies in addition to disappropriating land along the railway route.

    We have also supported the Recife Secretariat of Sanitation in managing Prometrópole, a project to improve housing in degraded areas in the River Beberibe basin between Recife and Olinda.


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